Madeira Organ Festival 2022


After a two-year break, the Madeira Organ Festival, organized by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture, through the Regional Board for Culture, is back in all its splendor.

The event, originated in the sequence of the Inaugural Cycle of Concerts of the Great Organ of Igreja do Colégio, held in 2008 and in 2009, has already conquered its space in the annual artistic program of the Region and the country, counting with renowned organists whose organistic heritage is unique in Portugal. In that sense, this return has been mostly expected.

The Madeira Organ Festival, whose programs have been developed by the artistic director, João Vaz, has become an outstanding brand, standing as an example of both heritage revival and appreciation and above all, of music excellence offered in every single concert.

This year's edition of the Organ Festival, the 11th, illustrates, once more, a high level of maturity and confirms the impact of a project directly related to the history of the archipelago. Thus, and from the 14th to the 23rd October we are honored to offer a program that includes a total of 11 concerts held in 8 churches in Madeira, hence paying a tribute to Madeiran musicians, composers and performers.

We invite you to join us and celebrate not only music but also an event that reinforces Madeira's positioning as a destination for Culture.

- Eduardo Jesus -
Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture



For almost a millennium, the organ has been the instrument of excellence in the Christian liturgy. Differing from time to time and from region to region, organ music adapted itself to Gregorian chant, polyphony, the Lutheran choir and even to profane musical manifestations. After two years of interruption, due to the pandemic situation that shook the world, the Madeira Organ Festival returns to Madeiran churches, presenting an overview of organ music in Europe over more than five centuries.

- João Vaz -
Artistic Director